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Round Robin Photo Challenge

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This week's Round Robin challenge is "Macro," and was suggested by John Darrow from from from Personal Effects..

I have to admit that this one had me a bit flummoxed. The challenge is to create a composite image of four 200 x 200 pixel images. The four quadrants below are supposed to represent Texture, Color, Reflection and Newness. I'm quite familiar with the first three, but "Newness" had me thrown for a loop. I've decided that it will represent something new I've discovered in macro photography.

Round Robin Macro Challenge

So, let's take a look at each of these a little more closely, if you'll pardon the pun.

Representing Texture in the upper left-hand corner is a bit of catnip. Yes, we grow our own. This stuff has survived the two ice storms from last week.

Checking in for Color in the upper right is a distinct lack of color. I shot this old watch face and gears and black and white and applied a bit of a duotone to them to enhance the look of age. I'm not sure it worked very well. The watch face is nice and distressed, but the gears are a little too shiny and nice. Oh, well. this is why we experiment.

From the great state of Reflection in the lower-left is a closeup of a section of the frosted glass surface of a piece of patio furniture. Not only is it reflecting the light, but if you look closely you can see a bit of the camera lens.

Finally, Newness drops in for a visit. This is some moss growing on a tree in my back yard. The texture and colors were entirely unexpected which is why I placed it in this category.

All of the pictures except the watch face were shot outdoors with a 10X macro filter at ISO 400. The watch face was shot using a 4X macro filter indoors on a copy stand at ISO 200.

So there ya go - up close and personal!

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