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Monday Photo Shoot

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Monday, February 12, 2007

This week's topic: Snap your cell, post it on your blog or Web site, and then come back here to leave a link!.

My cell phoneMy cell phone Hosted on Zooomr

Oh, boy! Another opportunity to work with product photography! ;-)

This is my LG LX350. I have a love/hate relationship with this phone. I mostly love it, but I hate the ringer volume, or lack thereof. At first I just thought it was a case of middle age, but when I can hear someone else's phone from ten feet away (or more) during a bowling league and I can't hear mine, there's a problem with the ringer volume on my phone.

I love the fact that I can customize various aspects of the phone. The anole on the display was shot with my E-300 and resized for the screen. Of course, the phone has a camera. Here's a picture I shot last fall:

Flag at sunsetFlag at sunset Hosted on Zooomr

I can also customize the ringers on my phone. I hate virtually all the built-in ringers that I've ever had on phones. This phone has a couple of built-in ringers that aren't bad, however. Still, when I have my own ringer I can tell mine apart from the other phones - provided I hear it. Until a couple of weeks ago I had a ringer that sounded like an old Bell telephone, but too many people are using it now. I've switched to the theme from House. I'll probably go to the Ballykissangel theme soon - a ringer that few people in the US have on their phones.

And I love the silent function on the phone. I can turn the ringer off but leave the phone on. When someone calls and I don't answer they'll think I just didn't hear the phone - and they'll be right!

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