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We had a dust storm today. I suspect half of west Texas ended up in our back yard. This is the start of the sequence - the calm before the storm. Click through to Zooomr an then click on the portal in the upper left-hand corner of each picture to watch the sequence of events.

Calm Before the Dust StormCalm Before the Dust Storm Hosted on Zooomr

This particular location is the last parcel of a large farm. They still carry on in the middle of town, raising a few head of cattle, some horses, goats, llamas (that is one in the background) and, sometimes even emus. Most of Plano is suburbia, but there are still little farms like this around the city. The larger farms on the east and west edges of the city are disappearing as the owners sell out to developers.

But I was talking about a dust storm, wasn't I? Boy, we had a doozy today. It's going to take at least a day for my lungs to recover. That's one reason I'm up late. I'm dead dog tired, but I'm still a bit wired from the meds I've been inhaling to keep breathing.

Tomorrow is a well-deserved day off.

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2/25/2007 12:57:23 AM
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