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Some days I wonder why I bother

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bowling did not go well this morning. One game was a whopping 50 pins under my average.

Honestly, it was just one of those mornings. We all struggled to find a line. A bad series is a disappointments, but I have to remind myself why I do this: To get out of the house, talk with other adults, and get a little exercise. Otherwise, I wouldn't move from the computer. That is NOT a good thing.

The bowling center is undergoing another round of renovations. Last summer they put in a new air conditioning system, replaced the carpet, eliminated the "pit" between the seating area and the approach, and built a new pro shop. Now they're moving the service counter in order to provide more seating for league bowlers. And - oh, joy! - they're finally replacing the ancient Brunswick scoring system with a shiny new system. The Brunswick system was state of the art when it was installed ages ago. Now many of the CRTs are burned in or not functioning properly and are very difficult to read. They're getting twin 45" HD screens over every pair of lanes. Here are some of the old displays:

Line o' screens

Oops. I'm out of time. More later, perhaps.

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