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Tweaks time!

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I've made a few tweaks to the page - rearranged some of the elements and added a Twitter badge. If you're on Twitter (or just want to check it out) click on the link at the bottom of the badge.

Chris' plane got in the air 20 minutes late. He left voice mail at the house while I was getting my contact lenses adjusted. Apparently the pilot's seat was broken. At least they got to wait in the lounge instead of having to sit on the plane.

Waiting for Zooomr Mark III to arrive today. I'm excited about the changes they're making, not to mention the chance to sell some of my photography.

Well, I've got a CatCam gadget to rebuild. Hopefully this won't take too long. Famous last words.

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3/15/2007 11:20:03 AM
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