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Round Robin Challenge - Nature

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This week's Round Robin challenge is is Nature and was suggested by Gina of Gina's Space.

I had planned to go through my archive of pictures until I found a bit of nature in my backyard:

High Tech DoveHigh Tech Dove Hosted on Zooomr

This dove has built a nest on top of the FiOS box on the side of our house. (FiOS is a fiber-optic broadband Internet, phone and TV service. Use the search box on the main journal page if you want to read more.)

And yes, there are eggs!

Dove NestDove Nest Hosted on Zooomr

No, I took care not to touch the nest or the eggs, though I did worry about the wind gusts. I'll be keeping an eye on the nest and perhaps I'll get lucky enough to get a shot of the hatchlings.

Nesting doveNesting dove Hosted on Zooomr

Look! She was back on the nest the next morning!

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3/21/2007 7:35:40 AM
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