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Well. Yesterday was busy. I'm still trying to recover from everything.

Shot a 234 at bowling. Then I picked up Paul and we went to check out another car for Chris. This one we ended up buying. By the time we finished with lunch and paperwork it was about time for Chris to get out of school, so Paul drove the car out to pick him up. Boy, was Chris surprised!

I live in the poor side of a fancy suburb where some parents idea of a used car is the BMW that got too old for dad after two years. Nice if you can afford the insurance for a teenager, I guess. We got something cheap, but (hopefully) reliable. Turns out the insurance rates will be about the same as they were with the ancient Malibu we never got running. This car is a '99 Escort. Not exactly a sports car, but it will get him from point A to point B, which is the idea.

He plans to get a job after graduation and help pay expenses. He'd like to get one now but we've convinced him to wait. There's eight weeks or so of school left and we'd rather he wait.

While I waited for Chris to take Paul back to work and drive home I pulled weeds. My lower back still aches, and I didn't even make a bit of a dent in the back yard.

Chris brought the car home and our first job was to get a duplicate key made. Then we called the insurance company with the details on the car. I'd already made a call before we drove away with the car, so they just needed the VIN number to finalize things. Then we set to work on the first round of cleaning. Yes, only the first round. The former owner was a smoker, and had a worse problem with soft drinks in the car than I ever had. We cleaned and vacuumed and sprayed Febreeze all over the interior. There's still one spot in the console that looks like about a quarter of a can of soft drink had been poured into it. That still needs some serious attacking. This morning I sprayed the interior again. It will need repeated treatments to get the smell out. And once the rain moves out on Saturday we can roll the windows down, which should help.

Yep, we've got rain moving in. Here's a break in the clouds earlier this morning:

It's gonna rain laterIt's gonna rain later Hosted on Zooomr

I half-expected God-as-rendered-by-Terry Gilliam to pop His head out and send me on a quest.

Actually, I do have to run errands before the stuff moves in, so I'd better get going. Thanks as usual for dropping by!

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3/29/2007 8:18:33 AM
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