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Hectic, but good

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

That pretty well describes today. Chris had to be at the school by 7:30 for an academic competition. Darned if the kid didn't get himself up and drive down to the school! Oh, that makes me so happy! But I'd by lying if I didn't say that I set a 6:45 alarm just to make sure he got up.

Today was absolutely gorgeous, though a bit on the windy side. We had some nasty storms blow through last night. A town just to the east of us got hit with straight-line winds, damaging several houses. We decided to go out on the motorcycle for lunch and errands.

It was then I discovered that my keys had gone missing. I went nuts trying to find them, with absolutely no luck. The last time I remembered having them was when I locked the house yesterday on my way to get Chris from school. I took his car, so I put my keys in my purse and used the spare key for his car to drive. We ran to Target and the gas station and then came home. Last night we hit Fry's, but I never had the purse open until time to pay. We stopped at the school to see if the keys had fallen out of my purse and onto the floor of the car, and then took off for lunch.

We went (speaking of nuts) to Irish Rover, a pub in Frisco:

Home of the Rusty NutsHome of the Rusty Nuts Hosted on Zooomr

Rusty Nuts are an appetizer made from potatoes and jalepenos and other spices. They're not bad.

After that we went to IKEA and picked up a replacement for the trash bin under the sink that broke a few weeks ago. We've been limping along with it. Next stop was Half-Price Books. While we were out we dropped in at Target and Fry's. No one had turned in any keys.

Then we came home and really tore the place up. I'm serious! I dusted and vacuumed and moved furniture as I searched. Scary, huh? We checked the trash, checked outdoors along the paths I'd walked to and from the car, checked the office, the bedroom, the bathroom - I even looked in the freezer. Nada.

Paul took off on more errands and after Chris came home I had him take me out to look at an item I'd seen on sale. I didn't have car keys! Ended up not buying it, but when we got home, I opened the car door and looked on the ground. Guess what I saw. Arrrgh! Paul had been there twice and I'd looked once. Go figure.

Oh, well. For my next trick I made some salsa and cooked up some skirt steak that had been marinating since yesterday afternoon. Turned out good. Now I'm just waiting for Britcoms to start so I can chill out for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow we work on the car. Joy.

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