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Between family obligations and work I've been swamped. This is my first chance to sit down and write, and I'm afraid it's going to be short. Terrible, isn't it?

It's pushing 9:00 and I haven't even given any thought to laundry. I think that'll just wait until tomorrow. Oh, I may start one load tonight. I have no plans to leave the house this weekend save a trip to the store to get groceries before Sunday. I just realized that I have to whip up a batch of deviled eggs on Sunday. Is that proper fare for Easter? I dunno, but they sure taste good. Chris is (more than) a little old for the egg hunt, but he still asks for deviled eggs. I used to do that on Easter with some of our decorated eggs - just to use them up.

I do have one minor home improvement project on tap, provided I feel up to it. I need to do some minor repairs in my shower stall. I don't want to use it again until I get the repairs out of the way, but I just haven't felt up to it this week. (No, this isn't the only facility in the house, so it's not as though I'm an awful, stinky mess.)

Mainly, I just want to rest and read and try to get over this darned cold. Today's family obligations had been scheduled for six months, and while I could have backed out, I'd have had to reschedule it for another date soon anyway. It was easier to just follow through. I just ate a lot of cough drops, washed my hands copiously, and begged off touching people.

Spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on work. I suppose I could have just taken the day off. I had plenty of justification between the cold and the fact that the guys had a holiday. But make money I must.

Off to start a load of laundry and then snuggle under the covers with a book. It's gonna be cold tonight! Forecast low is 35F and there's a slight chance of snow tomorrow. Yes, in Texas! Astounding. You can bet that if it does snow I'll try to get some shots. I'm betting it's just light flurries if that.

Oh, yes: I was going to share a couple more photos from yesterday. The smoke tree is starting to bloom:

Smoke tree blossomSmoke tree blossom Hosted on Zooomr

As the blooms unfold they'll get more of a dusty purple.

One more anole (you're welcome, Steven!):

What are you lookin' at?What are you lookin' at? Hosted on Zooomr

And here's some oregano:

OreganoOregano Hosted on Zooomr

I do worry about the fruit over the next couple of nights. The peaches have just started to emerge:

Peaches, one dayPeaches, one day Hosted on Zooomr

Though the apricots are a little larger:

ApricotsApricots Hosted on Zooomr

I did bring all of my more tender (less mature) container-grown plants indoors and have covered the blossoms on the aloe and moved it out of the wind and under some shelter. We'll see how they do next week.

Well, thanks for dropping in and have a good week. And don't forget to check out Feline Friday!

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4/6/2007 9:26:27 PM
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