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Feline Friday

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Two this week. First an artsy-fartsy shot:

Cat's WhiskerCat's Whisker Hosted on Zooomr

I was shooting Abby in macro and this is the result of one of the shot. I thought it was kind of different.

Abby on the PerchAbby on the Perch Hosted on Zooomr

Yes, I know we had Abby half-asleep on the perch last week, but look in the background. It's the infamous CatCam! Sort of a backward look at the perch for you regular CatCam watchers.

To play along (or just see more cats) drop in at Steven's (sometimes)photoblog and leave a link to your cat picture or cat story. Or, just check out the cats. Oh, and take a look at his anole pictures while you're there. Amazing stuff!

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4/13/2007 4:56:05 PM
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