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This entry is brought to you by the letter "B"

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The Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of something beginning with the letter "B".

B is for Bandage:

With a Bandage on my KneeWith a Bandage on my Knee Hosted on Zooomr

The bandage binds the knee that I hurt a couple of weeks ago while clearing branches after a storm. (And yes, the storm had lots of booming thunder!)

Pile o' branchesPile o' branches Hosted on Zooomr

It's hard to walk, let alone shoot pictures of things like bees in Blossoms.

Lunch!Lunch! Hosted on Zooomr

Or baby birds.

Dove SquabsDove Squabs Hosted on Zooomr

Or brightly-lit buildings.

Capitol DomeCapitol Dome Hosted on Zooomr

Or berries!

ChinaberriesChinaberries Hosted on Zooomr

You get the idea.

I did manage one bridge from the car the other day:

Railroad Bridge on Highway 5Railroad Bridge on Highway 5 Hosted on Zooomr

A couple of hours after shooting the bridge I found another interesting "B," but that's the subject of another entry.

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5/14/2007 3:17:58 PM
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