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It's a long slog...

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...but I'm nearly there.

After all this wailing and gnashing of teeth signs point to the power cable on the hard drive. ARRRGGGHHH! The system has run well all day since I put the hard drive on a single power cable coming off of the power supply. Before that it has been shared with a DVD drive. Funny how something so simple can cause such a headache.

Funny how I'm not laughing.

The current project is go do one last data backup, then swap out a drive and - gasp! - close the case. We know THAT will cause all kinds of trouble! ;-)

I did manage to get out and shoot a few storm clouds today. Here's one shot:

Gathering storm

Yes, she still takes pictures!

Anyway, I've got quite a bit of software to re-install (and many, many activation keys to type) before I'm back in business. Hopefully I'll get something together for Feline Friday tomorrow. Given the weather forecast there should be some good light for shooting at the perch early in the afternoon.

More tomorrow, I hope!

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5/24/2007 10:40:55 PM
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