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Wet, wet, wet!

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No, that's not a band, it's today's weather. It wasn't supposed to rain today, but about 5:00 I heard thunder. Of course, it really got bad right at the time I had to leave the house. Here's the view from my windshield:



Right around that time I saw a huge bolt of cloud-to-ground lightning just a bit right of center beyond the trees. It turns out that it hit very near my destination. When I got to the major intersection (beyond the one you see in the picture - the lights there were flashing red in all directions) I had to wait while two fire trucks roared through. The first went to the DART tracks and stopped. The second went on through.

I got to the bowling center to find that most of the power was out. We stuck around until after 7:30 (league usually starts at 6:00) and decided to cancel the night's league. There's another league that comes in at 9:00 and it fills up the entire house. If we'd have started even as early as 8:00 the other league couldn't have started until 11:00. So we decided to give it up.

When I left there was still a squad car with its lights on near the DART tracks. The trains were running. I've be mad if they aren't running on Friday because ....

That's my next entry, folks.

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7/11/2007 9:03:14 PM

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