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Monday Photo Shoot

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Take a picture of, or in, a cemetery. Your local cemetery is good, but if you've been to, say, Paris, to see Jim Morrison's grave, or took some arty shots of an ornate headstone elsewhere, something like that works, too.

I love old cemeteries. There's something about the art associated with death and grief that touches me. I suppose it's the mixture of sadness and hope displayed in the statuary and headstone carvings.

These were shot at Bowman Cemetery, and old family plot almost within walking distance of where I live:

Such is the Kingdom of Heaven
Such is the Kingdom of Heaven


The entire photo set is here.

This is St. Louis No. 2 Cemetery in New Orleans. Situated on the edge of the French Quarter, it had been heavily vandalized. The metalwork crosses that decorated many of the graves had been removed and sold to antique dealers, all so someone could have another hit of smack. A local preservation society stepped in and began raising funds to restore not only that site, but other old graveyards that had met a similar fate. I visited in 2001. This was one of the few remaining metal crosses:


This poor angel still stands guard over a family crypt:

Headless Angel

Headless Angel
More pictures are here.

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8/6/2007 9:59:11 AM
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