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Weekend Assignment: Cool Places

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It's hot. Everywhere. Really hot. Counteract it with a cool and refreshing photo or story of winter.

I may live in North Texas, but that doesn't mean I'm anywhere close to winter weather. Winter here is when the wind comes sweepin' off the Oklahoma plains and we have to put the shorts away for a couple of days. Still, once in a while Mother Nature decides to tantalize us with a glimpse of the white stuff. So for what it's worth I present ski season in Texas:


This was February 1 of this year. Compare that to August 9. I write this at just after 11:00 in the morning, when it's 87F outdoors and 80F in the office, even with the fan whirring away overhead. We're expecting the mercury to hit 100F.

Extra Credit: Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

Can I plead the Fifth? Actually, just hand me a fifth - of water, please. I have asthma, so when it's too cold my lungs ache - especially in the spot where I have the childhood pneumonia scar. The heat and the pollution are not kind to my lungs either. Add to that the fact that I'm very fair-skinned... .

So what in the hell am I doing in Texas? Oh, I know there will be weather and lung issues everywhere I go. I've got family and a lot of close friends here. I get to work from home, so I don't have to go outside when the weather gets too extreme. And call me crazy (because I truly am), but I do like it here.

So there ya go.

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8/9/2007 11:12:45 AM
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