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Wow, it's been a while.

Contemplative Cat

I fed Abby a couple of treats, opened up the curtains, and she was ready for the camera!

I'm afraid she's just a bit under the weather this week. It's fall allergy season, and her hot spot is active again. This means we have to get out the "torture juice" and spray the spot. We know the stuff is supposed to make her feel better, but all she knows is that we bring out the spray bottle that goes "hiss" and spray her with stuff that (most likely) stings. In her mind it's torture. I can't blame her for thinking that, but since the hot spot is on her belly it makes it even more difficult for us to treat her. It takes two: one to hold and one to spray. She'll clear up again in a couple of weeks and then probably break out again in December when the Mountain Cedar pollen gets bad.

We've talked to the vet about this and the best we can figure is that it's a pollen allergy. I clean with hypo-allergenic products, and we're careful about heat (the vet said a heating pad can cause a similar spot). The clincher is that she erupts when my sinuses do, so that makes pollen the most likely culprit. Damocles (our previous Abyssinian) broke out around her face and ears during Cottonwood season. The vet says that purebreds are more prone to this sort of thing. I tend to believe it. We've never had a lick of trouble in that department with Sarah Jane (or late, lamented calico) or Midnight (the geek kitty who hates having her picture taken).

Just part of the price we pay for having Royalty around the house. (She's Royalty. Trust me on this one.)

Please visit Steven's (sometimes)photoblog for all of the Feline Friday fun. Leave a link to a picture of your kitty or tell a cat tale. And yes, it's perfectly okay to just gaze at the cats. They love the attention, you know!

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10/5/2007 2:44:53 PM

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