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Monday Photo Shoot

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Show us a picture of you or family/friends on an amusement park or carnival ride.

Thanks, John, for saying that archive pictures are fine. The State Fair of Texas is going on right now, but we haven't been yet. We went two years ago, and it was a gray, rainy day (much like today, but cooler). No one really felt like going on the rides. Chris had fun with the games, though.

Flinging chickens. Would I make this up?

Demonstrating his bowling skills. Hard to tell from this picture, but he throws a mean hook.

As long as I'm on the subject of the fair, I'd be remiss not to show you the big attraction of 2005:

Yes, it's Elvis in butter! (You can sorta kinda see my reflection in the glass, so in a manner of speaking, I'm in the shot.)

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10/8/2007 10:41:12 AM
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