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Monday Photo Shoot

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Last call for shots of live flowers!

The growing season may be coming to an end in Ohio, but we've still got a week or two - or longer - down here in Texas. This is about the time of year when we get our first frost, but the La Nina weather pattern means we'll have a warmer-than-usual winter. Here's a sample of what's still growing on the patio:

Hibiscus Bud

The hibiscus has two buds, which surprises me as overnight lows are down in the 40's.

Fall Flower

Almost Gone

The pink flowers are from a planting intended to attract butterflies. It didn't do a very good job. In fact, the second plant showed a spectacular bloom in early June and then fizzled out until just the past week.


This jalepeno is still blooming, and still producing peppers. The two spent blooms you see will (hopefully) produce peppers. I also have two habanero plants, and they haven't produced a thing this year. Very disappointing. We generally get peppers outdoors until the first real cold snap. Then I take the plants into the garage, where they continue to grow and sometimes produce fruit.

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10/29/2007 10:13:18 AM
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