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A Storm, With Pictures

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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Along the lines of the previous post I have some pictures to share. But before I do I need to fill you (and my future self, because I sometimes forget dates) in on something.

A couple of weeks ago my husband presented me with a birthday gift - an Olympus OM-D M-5. Read the specs and weep. It's a lovely micro four-thirds camera that harkens back to the classic OM series in terms of design. Think of it as a sweet little baby SLR on steroids. Holy moley, it's going to take me forever to figure this thing out. 

Just a few hours out of the box, the image stabilization system died. I mean it burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. Olympus was good on their warranty, and I got the repaired camera back on Monday, while collapsed from FenCon. Today was a good day to take pictures. You can see the post-storm image above. Here's one when the rain was moving in:


And one more post-storm: 


Hey, we're fine. This side of Plano didn't get hit hard at all. We still have power, too, which is better than I can say for some people I know.

Now I'm off to relax and watch some telly...

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