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My project to duplicate all of my Flickr content to Zooomr is on hold. Why? It has absolutely nothing to do with the merits of either photo sharing service, and everything to do with how I've improved as a photographer. I'm looking at my cats sets at Flickr and Zooomr. The earliest pictures in the Flickr set are close to two years old. Wow, I can see a huge difference in focus, composition and lighting. It's difficult to tell from the thumbnails, but once I look at the large versions of the older shots I just cringe.

I've decided that the thing to do is move the best of one to the other and vice-versa. I can't see moving fuzzy, ill-lit pictures taken back in the days before I had RAW processing software from one to another, can you?

Just as a comparison, here's the first cat picture I sent to Flickr in December of 2005:

Abby at the curtain

Here's one I shot last Friday:

Abby Enjoys the Day

Oh, I have better cat photos at both sites, but since these were both casual shots (not trying for a particular look or lighting effect) I thought they'd be good for comparison purposes. And yep, I have worse cat shots on both sites, too!

The really cool thing about this, though, is that I can see how much my photography has improved. That is a good thing!

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1/8/2008 10:11:43 AM
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