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Reunion Tower, ca. 1980

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Reunion Tower

Last month Paul found a box of photos and negatives stuffed in the back of the closet in the home office. I've decided it's high time I sat down and sorted through them, sleeved the negatives properly, and so on. Of course, I can't resist the idea of scanning in a few of the negatives. I've had varying results, but this is one of the best.

I shot this about 1980, I think. It could have been a year or two either direction. If 1980 or later, then I developed it in the darkroom in our apartment (a converted laundry room), and if eariler, then I probably at least printed it at school. I may have developed it at home. I took a few photography courses in school and quickly learned that I could stuff a towel under the pantry door to block out light and develop my film at home. This allowed me to devote all of my lab time to making prints. I couldn't have done that if I'd shot color. Tri-X is pretty forgiving of minor temperature fluctuations. I think I only temperature shocked one roll of film in all my time at university, and I did that in the lab.

The one thing I know for certain is that I shot it with this camera:

Minolta SRT-201

Not that lens, obviously.

Back to work. I'd like to get some more of this out of the way before Paul gets home from work.

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1/10/2008 4:33:52 PM
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