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Watch the birdie!

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Database work continues apace. Not much to say otherwise, except that it's boring, but necessary work.

Made the decision and let the appropriate folks now. More later.

Dang, I'm being secretive on a lot of stuff these days, aren't I? Sigh.

I dropped into the grocery store to stock up for a couple of extra meals. We have freezing rain moving in and we're on the "iffy" edge of it. The roads will most certainly be clear by early Saturday, if not late Friday afternoon. I'm not keen on taking a chance on icy roads if I don't have to - even if it's just a couple of blocks down the stree to the store. Emphasis on down. The store is downhill from the house. Yes, it's more of an gentle incline, but there just happens to be an intersection at the lowest part of the terrain. I'll just stay indoors.

Paul is planning to work from home, and Chris will just have to watch the weather in the morning.

As I wheeled my cart down one aisle, I heard a thump and a rustle. Then I saw this:

Watch the Birdie

Watch the Birdie!

And now I know just how fresh their eggs are!

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1/24/2008 8:41:56 PM
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