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Monday Photo Shoot

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Somewhere in your home is at least one box you haven't opened a while. Open it up and show us what's in it!

Oh, dear.

I've been going through lots of boxes lately for various reasons. Therefore, there are darned few boxes I haven't opened up in a while - at least any that are easy for me to get to. So, I'm going to show a box we found while cleaning the closet last month. It hadn't been opened in years:

Monday Photo Shoot 1

Apparently we filled this box when we converted the darkroom to storage several years ago.

Here's a sampling of what was inside:

Monday Photo Shoot 2

Yes, Karen, that's what you think it is: A picture of a genuine Police Call Box! We took that in Glasgow in 1987. I honestly don't know how the snap got in this particular box because the other shots from that trip are filed away elsewhere.

This discovery spurred my latest organization project: I am going through all of my pictures. This box is first, obviously. The plan is to match loose negatives (I found a bunch of sleeved negatives not filed with prints) to pictures, and file the 4x6 pictures away in boxes with the negatives in binders. All of the paper envelopes from the processors will be recycled. The negatives will have an index number that will tell me where to find the prints. Yes, it's an ambitious project, but it needs to be done. The consolodation will also free up precious space here at the Manor.

So there ya go. And now I need to get back to work. I can't get my desk clear until I get through the stuff in this box!

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1/28/2008 10:08:39 AM
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