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2008 Challenge Week 5

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Sunset on the Bush

Apologies for the quality of the photo. My new camera body shipped today. Much rejoicing!

This is the road we simply call "The Bush." The last major highway built in our area was named after LBJ, so the state decided to name this one after George H. W. Bush, who left office just after construction began. Then his son decided to run for governor so the name of the still under construction thoroughfare was changed to the President George Bush Freeway. The name was not changed in 2000. Politics aside, I have no problem with naming a road after a president (after all, Plano was first named after Millard Fillmore), but I can't see the state naming the next major road after the current president. It would be too confusing. One's enough, thanks. The state ran out of money, so now it's a toll road, though this section is free for drivers who enter from my part of town and exit on the next freeway, and vice-versa.

The Bush runs along the southern boundary of Plano.

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2/3/2008 1:09:25 PM
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