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Time to go stock up...

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Looks like the ugly weather is finally going to move into Texas tomorrow. Looks like Friday will be the worst, but I want to make sure I have gas in the car and enough food on hand that I don't have to leave the house until Saturday or Sunday unless absolutely necessary should things get worse than the current predictions.

Why? Because if we get ice the roads will be a mess. The only ones out will be people who have to be out, and people who think they have to be out. The people in those two categories depend on how bad the weather is and what schools and businesses close down. The bottom line is that we don't get ice that often, and as a result not many people know how to drive on the stuff. I'd rather be inside and cozy.

Usually they predict an ice storm and little or nothing happens. But I guarantee you that if I'm not prepared than we'll be socked in for several days. Murphy's Law and all that.

I remember when we lived in Maryland for eighteen months. Nice spot, right on the Patauxent River near where it met the bay. We were on a penninsual almost at the end of a dirt road. One of our neighbors was a crusty old guy who swore they never got more than a couple of inches of snow. The first winter we were there a huge snowstorm hit. We're from Kansas, so mom went out ahead of the storm and stocked up big time because that's what people do in that part of the country. I remember her buying lots of powdered milk and canned and boxed food. It turned out to be a savvy move. The storm hit, and it took a week for the snow plows to get to us. School was out of session for two weeks. And I had the flu for the first week. I had to watch everyone playing in the snow drifts as tall as me from my bedroom window.

I suppose that experience is one reason why I always stock up for several days when the weather forecast calls for nasty stuff.

Time to get outta here. I'm going to try to bowl tonight. Speng a good chunk of the day in bed, under the covers. I didn't sleep much, but it was good to relax.

Stay warm!


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