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Really, I shouldn't even be outside today. (Yep, I did overdo it yesterday.) But this had to be documented:

First Bud of 2008

Here, for your viewing pleasture, the first fruit tree bud of spring!

I left one item out of my "accomplishment" list of yesterday. While I was cleaning I found a box of votive candle holders. I'd used the candles on a shoot and stuffed them back into the box - remains of candles and all - and promptly forgot about it until I undcovered the box yesterday. I decided to light the candles to warm up the wax. That would make it easier to clean the holders and put them away where they belong. You don't think I'd let that photo op pass by, do you?

Glass Curtain

Yeah, it's kind of abstract, but I like the warmth.

And yes, I did finish cleaning the candle holders. ;-)


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2/20/2008 4:37:25 PM
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