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Monday Photo Shoot

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Even though we often get the time from our computers and cell phones these days, nearly everyone still has several clocks in the house. There are also lots of memorable clocks out there in the wide world. From historic clock towers to the smallest travel alarms, let's see some interesting clocks!

Darn, you, Karen! I'd planned to do a whole lot of nothing today. In fact, I was going to post this shot from my archives:

Macro clock

But then I remembered a clock that's been sitting in my closet for years. I'd picked it up at a flea market several years ago because I was taken by the design. So I dug it out (hey! I knew exactly where it was! What a shock!), cleaned it up, replaced the bulb, and set up a shot:

Say, Kids! What Time is it?

In case you can't tell, the logo at the bottom says TELE-VISION. I'd guess this clock is at least fifty years old.

It's not the best shot, but it's something new. And now I can go back and let the cold meds sink in!

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2/25/2008 5:29:32 PM
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