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Monday Photo Shoot - a day late

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As we head into March, some places are heating up, some are cooling off, and some are hanging onto winter a while longer. Is there ice hanging from the eaves, or are you firing up the charcoal? Are you throwing another log in the fireplace, or sipping a cold drink? Show us what you have by way of fire or ice. If you can show both, that's extra nice!

There's a reason I waited a day, and my state of health has nothing to do with it for a change. You see, the weather forecast kept hinting at snow. Normally a forecast of 1-2 inches of snow is code for, "we're just covering our tails. The temperature won't even get near freezing. You'll see some rain and maybe a snowflake or two, but if you think it's going to snow, don't hold your breath. But even though there are laws against suing the government, someone is gonna try if we miss the forecast. So there ya go."

Imagine our surprise when it snowed last night and it stuck.

Ice Cold Catnip

I rushed outdoors before it all started to melt and grabbed this shot of ice on the catnip.

I'll post some more snow shots in another entry, but here's some fire that I shot a couple of weeks ago:

Glass Curtain

This is the reflection of candle flames in several glass votive candle holders grouped together.

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3/4/2008 9:45:23 AM
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