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Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Luck O' the Irish

These are on my patio today!

Oops, just saw the Monday Photo Shoot: The challenge is to shoot something green. Sorry you're not a fan of St. Pat's, Karen. But I'm with ya: No green beer. I've been to Ireland, and I love the countryside there. I also love the food, which is why we're going to the new pub in Plano in just a bit. They're doing up Shepherd's Pie and Boxty and a few other specialties. We're not going tonight when they have the live entertainment. I hear the band is good, but I'd rather go at lunch when they'll be (hopefully) less crowded. It's not far and we could ride our bikes down there, but there's rain in the forecast so we'll take the car.

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3/17/2008 10:22:46 AM
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