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Lunch at the Fillmore Pub

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Monday, March 17, 2008

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They had a couple of specialty dishes on the menu today - Shepherd's Pie and Boxty. We all had the Sheperd's Pie. (Boxty is a large potato pancake, folded and filled. Sort of the Irish equivalent of a giant soft taco, but that's still not doing it justice. Theirs was filled with stew.)

They had quite a crowd today ranging from groups of people taking a very long lunch away from the office to grandparents with their grandchildren. And while some people were drinking beer, there was a lot of iced tea and water flowing as well. Everyone was enjoying the specials as well as their standard pub fare such as Fish and Chips and Irish Stew.

I'm really glad to see that this place is doing well. True, today not a  normal day in the pub business, and they're not usually open for lunch on Mondays. Yet, almost every time we visit there's a decent crowd. One thing I'll say about downtown Plano - no chain restaurants. So far, they all seem to be doing decent business, which says something positive.

No work outside today. It's too windy. Perhaps I'll bet back to the photo project. Paul is doing a few things around the house, and I'm catching up on laundry. Oh. I have to do the bills. Thrill. Better get cracking.

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