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The Rain, it Raineth

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Rain it Raineth

(Cripes. Zooomr went down right after I posted this. Check back later. I'm sure they apolgize for the inconvenience.)

The view out the patio door at the Manor. It's a dark, dreary rainy day. Hard to tell where the roof on the house behind us ends and the sky begins, save for the reflections on the roof. My flowerbeds in front are flooded.

Yep, that means yard work is on hold. So is a lot of the deep cleaning I'd planned for today because I really, really need to air the house out while I work.

Perhaps this is a good time to work on a manuscript? But that would be something productive! The horror!

Seriously, I'll find something productive to do today, even it it means more work on the negatives. That will lead to a clean desk, which will allow me room to spread notes out so I can write. Funny how so many things are interlocked.

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