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Bad Moon Rising

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Full Moon

I'll blame the full moon for all the crap that happened this afternoon. It's either that, or a case of rotten karma.

First, the UPS on my computer tried to crap out. I let it sit and recharge a bit and now it seems fine. Chris was complaing of some power glitches about 4:00, so perhaps the problem was related to that.

Got the patio all cleaned off, then went to take a picture of the cat. Turned the camera on and got CARD ERROR on the screen. Oh, noes! Put the card in my Nikon and it worked fine. Formatted the card and stuck it back in the Oly. CARD ERROR. I tried another card. And another. And another. Same thing. The camera works fine with the control software, so I took the laptop outdoors and tried to get some moon shots. I need to get out when the moon is lower on the horizon. I think I'd get some better shots.

I have the battery out, and if that doesn't reset the camera then I'll get hold of the place that sold it to me for an RMA. It came with a one year warranty.

In case you're wondering, this is different from the CF card issue in the E-300. But it makes me wonder if there's something going on with this series of cameras.

Oh, well. Off to bed.

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