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2008 Challenge - Week 13

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Fillmore Pub

Lunch at the Fillmore Pub.

Hmm. I tend to hang out here quite a bit, don't I? Probably because they have delicious food and friendly owners and staff.

What's that on the telly? Part of some infomercial-type ad on the FOX Football Network. Yeah, it looks a little odd, but it's supposed to be showing how a spine is properly aligned when whatever product was being advertised was in use. Whatever. This was just after noon, and restaurants in the area don't generally get busy until about 12:30. Why is that? Two reasons. Most 11:00 church services let out at noon. Also, Texas law doesn't allow alcohol sales before noon on Sunday. Welcome to the buckle of the Bible Belt, folks. But if you're out to get a nice meal when a restaurant isn't crowded, then 11:30 in the morning on a Sunday is a really good time!

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3/30/2008 4:31:04 PM
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