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Round Robin Photo Challenge - Spring Cleaning

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Finally I got around to doing the Round Robin! I was going to participate last time around, but we were busy with the topif of this week's challenge: Spring Cleaning!

Our project was the closet in the master bedroom. We cleaned it out, repainted, put down a new floor, and added some organization items. We also gave a lot of stuff to charity. It felt good to clear it out.

New closet

To brighten things up just a bit, I had a super-size enlargement of one of our favorite pictures made to cover a blank spot on the wall:

The manor?

Those of you who have been hanging around this site a very long time will recognize this picture from the home page. This is Cardiff Castle in Cardiff, Wales.

They've also asked for three ideas. Hmm. These may have been done before, but they might spark some other challenge ideas:

Wheels. Modes of transit are an obvious choice, but other things could be "wheely" interesting.

Broken. You probably have a object around the house that has been broken. Perhaps it's been repaired.

It ain't easy bein' green - Show something green. It can be the color, something environmentally friendly, whatever.

Here's the linking list. Hope it doesn't get too mangled. This is the first time I've tried it in this text editor I'm using for the journal:


Outpost Mâvarin

The Ellis Family Cincinnati

Chocolate Syrup for the Soul

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5/3/2008 10:15:33 AM
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