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Monday Photo Shoot - Busy

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Show us a photo that represents one of the demands on your time.

Well, you're getting one that represents both one demand and multiple demands. Yes, it's the messy desk!


Holy cow, that's bad! Every time I find the top of the desk, more stuff gets piled on.

Let's take it clockwise from the top, shall we: A printer - with something being printed as I took the shot! I was printing out a web page to use as reference for a redesign of the same page. Nope, it's not something you'll find on the site. This is a database-driven project for a non-profit. A page that's used to update some data quit working after I redeisgned it. That's what I get for trying to simplify things for the end user! I ended up starting over from scratch. Oh, well. The page works now.

Next to the printer is the hotshot new scanner/printer/fax machine. Idle for the moment.

A book on Drupal, a content management system I'm using for one portion of this site and for a client's web site. Below that, some pictures I printed out. Frame for sale? Put in the portffolio? Both? Or just toss? Trying to make a decision. A notepad with (surprise!) notes. Various files. A box and stack of stuff to scan. On top of that packaging from a recent purchase (goes with the plastic bag half-buried, which contains reciepts) so I can remember to do the rebate thing. On top, a printout of possible reference material for a design project.

Lower-left: A mouse and the corner of my laptop. Lots o' crap, all representing something in progress.

It looks worse now. There's an open binder and my camera on top of the Drupal book. Oh, and yesterday's snail mail. I think that bit is destined for the recycle bin.

Perhaps this is a clue that I should drop everything and attempt to clean ane reorganize a bit. It's raining, my sinuses are raging, and it's difficult for me to concentrate on work. Perhaps I'll feel more like working when I get things cleaned up.

Or not.

Karen notes that she's thinking of closing down the Monday Photo Shoot. Well, it ain't easy running a meme. Some weeks are better than others. I'm having a heck of a time getting people to participate at a fan site I'm running. I almost let the domain registration lapse, but I'm giving it one more shot - adding some features and doing a bit of a redesign. I'll see if that helps. If not, then I may let the domain lapse next year or let someone else with a fresh perspective take it over.

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5/13/2008 11:23:06 AM
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