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May Challenge: Day 14

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My nieghbors must have wondered what the heck I was doing in the alley this afternoon.

Yes, the rain continues. I had an idea for an indoor shot, but I decided that puddle was just too good to pass up. Perhaps I'll do the indoor shot tomorrow.

I suspect I could have had a much better picture if I'd have used a tripod, but there's enough traffic in our alley that it would have been difficult to move equipment and reset the shot. So I just winged it.

We also had a mom and son Photoshop sharing moment today. Chris showed me some tips on using the Sponge tool to resaturate the shoe. Since it's silver, the fill flash I used washed it out a bit. Then I showed him how to use the Fade tool to back off after I'd gone just a tad overboard on saturation. I'd never been happy with any results I'd had with the Sponge tool, and he'd never used Fade, so now we're even.

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5/14/2008 2:48:15 PM
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