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Monday, May 19, 2008

Back from the blogging break, and pardon the typos. They shall be explained.

Friday afternoon I hit a creative brick wall. Yes, another one. This was a combination of personal issues (won't bother you with 'em other than to say they got resolved), pushing myself too hard, and not sleeping. Mostly, it's the not sleeping part that completely does me in. I get cranky and irritable (which led to the personal issues) and pretty much a bear to live with. It seemed like a good opportunity to shut down and take a break - especially since I have a couple of deadlines around the first of the month. No, I'm not falling behind at all. In fact, I can't move forward on one project until the weekend. The other I can take care of in a day.So yes, it seemed like a good idea to just drop everything and recharge.

And a good idea it turned out to be! Friday night we went out for Tex-Mex. The margarita really hit the spot. And no, I wasn't driving.

Saturday we decided to do a few projects around the yard. We bought some flowers to hang in baskets under the eaves of the patio, and also picked up a grapevine. Several of ours have died. They were here when we moved in, and they produce very sour tasting grapes. Since they've grown so well in that spot we decided to plant another. This one is Merlot grapes. No, we have no illusions of opening a winerey - or even getting a single bottle of the stuff - but we hoped they'd taste better that what we're growing now. Paul planted the vine while I potted the flowers and transplanted another plant to a bigger pot. Also discovered some new growth on a plant that I thought had died over the winter. Cool.

Then Saturday night I did my arm in. It was another of my patented klutzy moves while shifting a box of hardback books. Bruised the left arm right down to the bone. Ouch! It's okay, but typing is still just a big problematic - hence the typos. I didn't do anything strenuous yesterday, and that seemed to have helped.

See, THIS is what I get for cleaning up and boxing up books I hadn't read in a while.

I did mange some bird pictures yesterday morning. Fortunately, the best way to shoot the feeder is when I lean my arms on the sill of the bathroom window. Out of 90 shots, only a couple turned out halfway decent. Here's one:


Spent a little time on photography this morning before the arm started to ache. I think I'm caught up on a few things. Now to dig back into other work. Joy.

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