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The Sweet Sound of "Done!"

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just hit the end of the audio script I've been banging my head over this week. I'll have to go through and tighten it up a bit, but it seems to work. Paul is over at his computer reading it, and I hear the occasional laugh. This is good.

Audio script, you say? Why, yes! We'll be at Soonercon next weekend, and will be doing one of our shows during the break in the costume contest. Casting and rehearsal is at 1:00 on Saturday. Come join us. If you don't want to act or help with effects, come and watch.

What's it about? I'm not telling, but the con theme is "Pieces of '08." Arr.

Along with the show I'll be on a panel about creating believeable aliens. That should be interesting. I'm trying to do just that in Stalled Novel #1. Be interesting? Create believable aliens? Both, actually.

I'm going to step away from the computer for the rest of the evening. Famous last words, I know, but I think I deserve a break.

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