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Monday Photo Shoot

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I'm a day late, but it worked out. See, I was going to dip into the archives. The challenge: Photograph one or more candles. I had some outtakes of some cool stuff I'd used for a Monday Shoot before. Honestly, it felt like cheating. On the other hand, I'm deep in a project and it seemed like it might be better to participate with an archive shot than do nothing at all.

Until. Until.

Last night I thought I had some computer issues, but it turned out that a web site that was telling me I was infected with spyware was having problems of its own. Of course, I found that out after a reboot and deep scan for both viruses and spyware. Oh, I scan every night, but that doesn't mean I won't get hit with something in between scans. Yes, I'm paranoid. Today we had a three hour power outage, which meant...


Computing by candlelight?

No, I wasn't computing by candlelight, but I did have a candle in my office so I could see well enough to find the cord for the light-blocking shades. As much as I love natural light, the heat in Texas gets intense. The shades also block heat, which saves on the electric bills. Anyway, I'd just washed this globe, which explains the mottled effect you see on the flame.

Pumpkin candle

I don't often light scented candles, but I lit this pumpkin pie candle this afternoon just for the heck of it. Didn't smell at all. Oh, well. It provided a little light.

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6/17/2008 4:56:36 PM
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