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2008 Challenge Weeks 22-24

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yeah, I've been busy. I've been shooting, but haven't had time to process pics until today. I still don't have time. I'm behind on a big project, but I just had to get this out of the way. And yes, I'm regretting holding off on processing some of these pictures. To wit: Week 22:


Yeech. This is a statue in a local shopping center. I had an opportunity to reshoot, but I thought I had a good one in the camera. Oops.

For week 23, my community was in Oklahoma City, where we went for SoonerCon. I went down to Bricktown to shoot some neon with mixed results, but this one didn't turn out half bad:


And then for week 24. Texas weather is very changeable. I've put in a weather shot or two, but this morning was particularly interesting as a storm blew in:

Before the storm

That diagonal line ran right across the western and northern sky. To the left is a wall cloud. Depending on your monitor you may be able to see some of the greenish tinge to the sky. This is NEVER good news, as it is a harbinger of hail and tornadoes. This was a pretty nasty storm, and knocked our power out for three hours. The hail did miss us, and there was no tornado, but we had straight-line winds of about 70MPH. Whee!

Edited because I can't count. And I screwed up the tags.

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