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Monday Photo Shoot

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Show us a sign that's unusual in some way - even if you have to fake it!

These are all real signs:

Killer Keep Left Sign?

While this sign looks rather innocuous, it was actually facing our house at the time. We weren't sure if this was an infamous killer keep left sign (vicious gangs of which attacked unsuspecting pedestrians in a Monty Python episode), or whether the house was supposed to keep left of the sign, or what. I suppose the road crew just moved it out of the way of traffic. Too mundane, if you ask me.
Home of the Rusty Nuts

Get your head out of the gutter! This is a potato balls (I didn't know potatoes had ... I SAID, head out of the gutter!) appetizer at a pub called the Irish Rover. They put bits of jalepeno pepper in the batter for an extra kick.

Wireless War Use?

We spotted this sign at a First Saturday flea market in downtown Dallas. Some geek obviously had fun peeling letters off of the banner.

Knowledge for Sale!

And they say you can't buy a good education.

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6/30/2008 7:13:19 PM
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