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A slightly different look to the journal

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Or, depending on how you size your browser window, it may be the same old look. Or the old same look. (No relation to The Old Same Place.)

I decided it was time to start bringing this site kicking and screaming into 2008. As a result, I'll be ever so slowly changing the table layout to CSS.

Go ahead: Open the window. Squeeze it down. I'll wait.

So, did it work? I'll be anxious to hear how it works in various browsers.

Before I tweaked the knee today I did manage some cleaning. I found two drawers full of old media (floppies, outdated tape backup cartridges and the like) and cleared them out to make room for stuff I'll actually use. Also went through the office supplies and threw out a ton of old pencils and pens. In addition, I discovered that I have enough highlighters to last for years. That is, if they don't dry out before I get around to using them.

And with that I'm going to go put my leg up and read. The knee isn't that bad - yet, but it's in a state where it won't take much to put it over the proverbial edge.

Seriously, I welcome feedback on the tweaked layout.

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7/8/2008 9:01:03 PM
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