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Monday Photo Shoot

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Photograph something black.

Well, I'm going to repeat a shot from last week:


Black display (and wallpapers), black desk accessories, black poster. All at the desk that is on occasion known as the black hole.

Oops. That, I'm told, is now a racially insensitive statement. And people wonder why Dallas has the reputation it has.


Black Fry's Day

Black Friday is what retailers call the big shopping day after Thanksgiving. Things may look dark, indeed, if you're caught in traffic! Actually, it refers to the first day of the holiday shopping season, when stores typically start to turn a profit. Black ink is commonly used in accounting to denote positive amounts of money.

Our black cat loves electronics gear for some reason. So here she is looking at a black laptop in the "Black Fry's Day" ad.

I missed out on last week's challenge because I was unable to find the picture I wanted to post. I went ahead and dug up something. The assignment was to show an unused picture from the archives of something that could not be duplicated today.

These were taken on our 2001 visit to Ireland:


Above is the interior of Fitzgerald's Pub in Avoca, in County Wicklow where the BBC filmed Ballykissangel. Chris had the idea to take a diversion from Dublin to visit Avoca. The final series had just aired in the US. The town was already changing and I doubt that if we went back we'd find it the same. (Picture by Paul.)

Here is Chris standing at the bridge over the river:


(For those who watch the show, this is the spot where Peter threw his collar into the river.)

Obviously, Chris will never be 12 again. But you can tell from the grin on his face that he was happy to be there.

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7/14/2008 1:38:10 PM
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