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Another SF con bites the dust

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(Disclaimer: I'm Programming Chair for FenCon V.)

Last month it was FedConUSA, yesterday it was Jumpcon.

My opinion? Having two high-profile media cons go down in such rapid succession hurts, but it could be worse. These were both start-up events. FedConUSA has been dissected all over the web, but what about Jumpcon? My own opinion is that someone had large ideas and little experience.

Jumpcon had what I thought was a very cool plan: charge an affordable general admission price, then offer extras like autographs and dinners on top of that. It just seemed to me that starting off with such an ambitious schedule was asking for financial trouble.

Perhaps they can reorganize and try again. If they do, I hope they learn from their mistakes.


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7/16/2008 4:56:37 PM
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