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I should be working and yet ...

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  1. I should be writing a bio for a convention. The bio is due sometime next week. And it should be longer than the single sentence on this page.

  2. I should be outlining yet another book that will never get finished.

    To be fair, this book will most likely get finished; getting it published is more problematic. But I'll tackle that when the time comes.

  3. I should be designing another web site. Maybe. I've been toying with the idea of a new site, or perhaps simply doing more to drive traffic here. And then I read this at Making Light and this at John Scalzi's blog and wonder. For half a minute, at least. I deal with nutjobs on other sites, and am happy that I don't have to deal with them here. Yet, if I do things to increase the visibility of the site, then surely I'll attract said nutjobs. (Sorry, didn't mean to call you Shirley.) It's just something I'll have to deal with, and a combination of the moderation policies posted at both sites seems like a good thing.

    And dang it, I just realized that the comment terms page was no longer linked to the comments form. I've relinked it. Those of you who have been commenting can rest assured that you haven't violated any rules. The number one rule is to be respectful, and you guys are great - all three of you. (grin)

  4. I should be cleaning my desk. Oops, done that. Yes, my desk is clean, and I'm fully aware that this may be the scariest thing I've typed in a long while. Clean desk. Yikes!

  5. I should be chilling out. It's Saturday!
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7/26/2008 4:06:20 PM
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