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Weather Update

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The forecast has changed slightly. Now the main track of the storm is projected to go just to the east of here. Still, we're under a tropical storm watch for high winds.

The DFW area is preparing to accept up to 17,000 evacuees over the next couple of days.

Given the current storm track I expect to see rain and wind, but nothing as bad as I was preparing for this morning.

While shopping for supplies I found a couple of interesting items at Fry's. One was a proper screen protector for my phone. It was a little pricey, but I think it'll last a very long time, which will make it worth the money. It's not as flimsy as most of the screen protectors out there, but it's still thin enough that I can use the touch screen. The other item is a gizmo to charge the phone battery off of a couple of AA's. I hold no illusions that it'll work wonders, but I do sometimes get caught with a low phone battery, so this could come in handy. Plus, it was on sale for 60% off. Couldn't argue with that!

Still, I'll be taking in the plants and clearing the patio in the morning unless something changes. I seem to be stocked up, but I may have to make one last run to the store tomorrow morning for a couple of minor items, like spices. I decided on the spur of the moment at the store to make some of our favorite local pub sandwiches here at home over the weekend. This requires cooking chicken strips in a tandoori sauce. I'm not sure if I have all of the spices on hand or not. Hey, if I'm going to be indoors, I may as well cook up something yummy, right? Besides, the store had a really good buy on chicken breasts - I got ten for $5.50. The only catch is that they're not trimmed as well as the packets of three, but the packets of three are six or seven dollars. For that savings, I'll trim them and freeze what's left!

Off to start dinner. I expect I'll update the weather status tomorrow morning. Right now I'm not nearly as worried as I was this morning.


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