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The Edge of the Hurricane

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The outer bands of Hurricane Ike moved into our area in the past hour. These were shot in my front yard a few minutes ago:

This is looking to the northeast.

This is to the southeast.

The wind is also kicking up, but we don't expect rain until sometime overnight.

Let me stress again that we're well inland and the storm is projected to move just to the east of us. Our county has just been put under a flash flood watch. Surprise.

Here are a couple of local sources to follow: KHOU TV in Houston, and the Dallas Morning News Weather Blog. Another good read is r. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog. He's a co-founder of Weather Underground and knows his stuff.

And might I add that no matter where you live, please consider gassing up your car. Prices hiked 15 cents overnight here, and the hurricane is projected to hit the refineries along the Texas coast. Get it while it's (comparatively) cheap, folks.


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9/12/2008 11:57:01 AM
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