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I mentioned the "other project" last night. Part of the holiday was spent working on an old Remington typewriter. I think it's a Model 17 ca. 1939-43. Yep, they made those babies during the war years. I'm sure the government needed plenty of them.

This particular typewriter was rescued from a trash pile years ago. I just never got around to fooling much with it until lately. Paul got the guts working again, and I cleaned it, touched up the bare spots, and found a ribbon.

Of course, I took pictures! These are from my Flickr stream, so you can resize if you wish.

Ask For It By Name!


The Answer to the Ultimate Question

All Keyed Up

Goes On Forever

All Work and No Play

I still need to figure out what's going on with the "s" key.


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12/2/2008 11:53:24 AM
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