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Round Robin Photo Challenge

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This challenge is "Camera Resolutions." The idea isn't to show off your megapixels, but to make some resolutions about things to shoot. Do one, and share the other two for their idea bank.

Okay. First up, "In The Corner." Shoot something in the corner of a room. Perhaps you'll find something more interesting than the dust bunnies that tend to lurk in mine. Here's what I came up with:


Exciting stuff. This is a corner of my living room. You can see some of our eclectic interests. The painting is from a Blue Man Group concert we attended ten or so years ago in NY.

Two more ideas. Hmm.

"Light Moves." Take a picture that shows the quality of the light. By that I mean the hues of a sunset, water reflected on water, refracted light, something interesting with light.

"Weather." Not just your average bit o' fluffy clouds here - try for something unusual or extreme. Obviously, it's okay to dip into the archives for this one. Mother Nature doesn't cooperate with deadlines.

Here's the linking list, and darn near everyone has posted but me. Better late than never, eh?

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