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Round Robin Challenge: Light Moves

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I have to apologize for the very late posting. We had some family things happen this week and a lot of stuff got put on hold. Everything's fine, but that means I have to dig into my archives rather than come up with something new. Sigh.

So, the challenge is Light Moves, and the idea is to show something about the quality of light. Let's see what I can dig up:

The Force Is With This One

This one was shot a few weeks ago on an icy day. Hard to believe, now that it's 84F outdoors. I like the way the sunlight bounced off the ice to make the branches "glow."

Grand Central Terminal

The above shot of Grand Central Terminal was taken during a 1996 visit to NYC. Yep, it's a scanned negative. I love the pools of light.

Stardust Dine-O-Mat

This is from the same trip. I just love neon!

Thanks for choosing my subject!

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2/26/2009 3:02:48 PM
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